Leap Preschool: An Evidence-Based Model of Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Phil Strain, Ph.D., University of Colorado

Dr. Strain provides an overview of the research evidence for the efficacy of the LEAP Preschool program for children with autism. He describes the important skills that the LEAP preschool program targets for children with autism. In addition, he shows video examples of the LEAP preschool program and the parent training module.

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Evidence-Based Practices for Children with Autism and Spectrum Disorders

Tristram Smith, Ph.D., University of Rochester

In this overview, Dr. Tristram Smith discusses the importance of using evidence-based practices for children with autism. He also distinguishes among treatments that are or are not considered evidence-based. Lastly, he provides an overview of the research supporting various interventions for autism. 

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JASPER: Targeted Treatment on Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, and Engagement Regulation for Children with Autism

Connie Kasari, Ph.D., UCLA

In this workshop Dr. Kasari describes how to assess joint attention and play in young children with autism. Next, she identifies ways in which clinicians can create individualized targets for intervening with a child. Lastly, she illustrates techniques for intervening on children's social communication and play skills.

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