Child Custody Mediation: An Introduction to the Emotional Dynamics of Divorce, the Process of Mediation, and Developmentally Sensitive Parenting Plans

Robert Emery, Ph.D., University of Virginia

In this workshop Dr. Emery reviews the research on the impact of divorce on children. He then describes the research comparing two approaches to adversary settlement: mediation and litigation. Dr. Emery also provides guidelines on conducting custody mediation and gives examples of developmentally sensitive parenting plans.

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A.C.T. for the Children: Assisting Children Through Transition

JoAnne Pedro-Carroll, Ph.D., University of Rochester

Dr. Pedro Carroll discusses the risk and protective factors for children of families going through divorce. She also describes the different ways children of various ages may respond to separation/divorce. Dr. Pedro Carroll demonstrates techniques from her parenting program "A.C.T." that can help parents reduce the stress of divorce or separation for their children.

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